What’s in Her Bag?


I don’t even carry a purse.

Because I am a tomboy of sorts I have always been adamant that I don’t carry a purse. I carried a “satchel” instead. My satchel was a masculine looking brown leather bag that could carry my “stuff” without falling apart.

To be honest, I didn’t really like the masculine look but I couldn’t find anything else that looked cool and artistic. I wanted something that was sturdy but more feminine looking. I mean, I am only 43% tomboy. I qualify as a tomboy because I don’t wear any make-up. Guys don’t have to. Why should I?  I also ran around without a shirt when I was little because the boys did that too. My parents put the kibosh on that. 

On the other hand, my 57% non-tomboyishness (I know, that isn’t an actual word) part is pretty evident too. I won’t touch bugs or dig in the dirt without gloves. I do wear skirts, pink clothes, and earrings. And I have girly pjs. So you see what I mean.

Have you ever been interrogated by a lawyer?

A while back I was visiting my sister, Cheryl, who is an attorney. We were heading out to run some errands and she asked “Did you grab your purse?” My response was “No, because I don’t have a purse. This is a satchel.” She looked at me with interest but didn’t say much at the time. (She is very diplomatic and behaves much better than I do.)

I swear the truth and nothing but the truth.

Because my sister is a litigating attorney I should have seen this coming. At dinner, to my chagrin I found myself in the court of law. The questions began with the entire jury at the table looking amused.

Cheryl:  Dr. Lynberg do you carry a purse?

Me:        No.

Cheryl:  Dr. Lynberg what is that? (pointing to my bag)

Me:        That is a satchel.

Cheryl:  Dr. Lynberg would you please describe what a typical friend of yours carries in her purse?

Me:       Inside voice: Damn it. I don’t think this is going to end well.

              Outside voice: Well, I can’t say for sure. Maybe make-up? A cosmetic mirror?   Wallet? Phone? Keys? That kind of stuff I guess.

Cheryl:  Dr. Lynberg what is in your satchel?

Me:        There isn’t any make-up in there.

Cheryl:  Dr. Lynberg, other than make-up what else do you have in your satchel?

Me:        Ummmm. Well. The stuff I need.

Cheryl:  Dr. Lynberg what stuff that you need is in your satchel?

Me:       Shit. (Figuratively, not literally.) Wallet, keys, phone, notebook, calendar, etc.

Cheryl: Your honor, I rest my case. (But there wasn’t a “real” judge at the table so I guess you could say she didn’t actually win the case. Right?)


Alright. I’ve gotten over the purse semantics thing. Call Mountain Bird Designs’ bags whatever you wish. Business bag, purse, satchel, travel bag, messenger bag. Whatever. I happily cart around my Mountain Bird Designs’ “business bag”. Finally, I have the kind of bag that looks feminine and artistic and meets my needs. Everything I need fits neatly in there in an organized way. No more digging in the dark for keys. No scrambling around for the ringing cell phone. (Unless you tossed it in the back seat.)

It might be hard to believe but all of my “stuff” really does fit in the bag we have designed. Everything in the picture was tucked in nice and neat. I will say that if you are going to put a computer AND an iPad AND a book AND a fully filled water bottle inside along with everything else, be ready for some weight lifting. For traveling, stuffing it with all the extras works great. I don’t need anything else to carry on to the plane. It fits nicely under the seat so all my stuff is within reach.

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