The Meaning Behind Our Products

The Beginning

Having a PhD in epidemiology doesn’t have anything to do with starting a small business. (Beside the fact that both of them require the drive to accomplish your goals.) When the idea for MBD was planted, I had no idea what starting a textile company from scratch would take. All I knew is that I wanted to create products that women would love and would give back to make a difference in the world.

As I started exploring businesses models for MBD, my research led me to a local cut and sew cooperative, Opportunity Threads. They were doing just what I had envisioned. So there was no need to start from scratch.

This allowed me the space to think more about our mission and what other ways I could make a difference.

And so MBD’s solidly crafted, beautiful products (that give back) and feature unique artwork were born.

Behind the Scenes

Our mission to contribute to positive change is built into every step of our production process, beginning with the art work that we feature. Mountain Bird Designs’ manufacturers and distributors have been carefully selected to minimize our carbon footprint while supporting fair paying jobs in Appalachia. Our fabrics are woven with fibers made from recycled water bottles, the artwork is printed on recycled fabric using water-based ink with minimal waste, and then cut and sewn by our local cooperative.

10% of each purchase contributes to supporting domestic violence survivors and families facing hunger. (You choose when you buy.)

Our Business Bags and Wallet Clutches

The business bags are 15 inches long, 11.5 inches high, and 4 inches wide. Lots of room for your phone, wallet, calendar, laptop, and more. There are pockets inside and out for all kinds of stuff. A key fob keeps those pesky keys at hand. These bags are solidly built and sturdy.

Our wallet clutches are 8 inches long, 4 inches high, and 1.5 inches wide. Lots of pockets inside and a place to stash your phone or keys. Our wallet clutches coordinate with our business bags. The bags and wallet clutches are sold individually or as set. Each bag has a story.


The watercolor art featured on these bags and wallet clutches were created by my son, Craig Lynberg, a student studying at the College of Charleston. I’ve had strong spiritual connection to birds as long as I can remember. My 7th grade map project was about showing the migration paths of birds. Birds are amazing. I love watching them and hearing them sing. So little but so strong. The idea of flying thousands of miles every year just blows me away. They are so inspiring!

Flower Bag ComboThe flowers featured on these bags and wallet clutches were created in collaboration between Craig Lynberg and Jeanette Kaczenas, one of Craig’s colleagues who is an artist also studying at the College of Charleston. Jeanette’s love for flowers shows in her intricate drawings. Amazing detail. The watercolors were added by Craig. The collaboration between Jeanette and Craig created something wonderful and special. The flowers on this bag have even a deeper meaning. The domestic violence shelter we are supporting teaches women how to grow and arrange flowers.


Because our mission includes the support of women and families, Craig added the image of a woman nestled amongst the flowers. A reminder that women are beautiful and special. It also is a representation of women learning how to support themselves by growing and arranging flowers. Everyone needs flowers in their lives.


Melissa Milakovic is the creator of this whimsical bird and feather set. Melissa is an artist from Ottawa and the founder of her art company, Love Like Red. Her imagination amazes me. Another lovely and fun representation of those special birds.