People We Admire – Bree Newsome


Many of you are likely to recognize Bree Newsome. Bree decided that waiting for legislators to decide whether or not to take down the confederate flag was not acceptable. So last Saturday she stoically and couragously climbed the South Carolina Capital’s flagpole to remove the flag herself. First of all, it takes a boatload of courage and strength to climb a 30 foot tall flagpole. But she also continued on her mission to remove the flag despite the capital police demanding that she climb down. And she did this knowing she was likely to be arrested. According to the Baltimore Sun, Bree Newsome was charged with defacing a monument on the Capitol grounds. A charge that carries a fine of up to $5,000, and up to three years in prison. Talk about courage, determination and integrity.

Because I wanted to feature Bree on our website as a person we admire, I googled her to gather additional information and didn’t expect what I would find. I was amazed (seriously) about what Bree has accomplished. Take a look at her website and you will see what I mean. She has won numerous awards. And beyond being a strong leader and activist she is a producer, director, song writer and much more. Wow.

I want to thank you Bree for your leadership, courage, and strength. You are making a big difference at a time when we are grieving about evil, hate, bigotry and lack of social justice. It is time to take down a flag that epitomizes and honors such beliefs. And you did just that. I am very grateful.

(Oh yeah, something else happened that was really cool and uplifting. A crowdfunding campaign for Bree raised more than $65,000 by late Saturday afternoon.)

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