How Our Products are Creating Change


Great news! So far we have already contributed to the support of 17 domestic violence survivors, and we have provided 170 meals for families facing hunger. Contributing to 170 meals is equivalent to contributing to 3 meals per day for 57 days. This is huge! If you were a child struggling with hunger, imagine how it would feel to know that there will be food for you at your next meal. Think about how much easier it would be to focus on learning if you were not always hungry. This problem doesn’t just impact children. If 1 out 4 children can’t learn and thrive because they are facing hunger and living in poverty, there will be serious consequences to the well-being of the next generation.

The best news yet is that we still have time to do so much more! By buying our products, YOU are providing survivors an opportunity to change their lives and their children’s lives. When we reach our $25,000 goal, YOU will be providing 625 hours of fair pay and $2,500 to support survivors and families facing hunger. With our stretch goal of $87,000, YOU will support a full-time sewing cooperative member and provide $8,700 to support survivors and families facing hunger!
stretch goal image

When I first had the idea for Mountain Bird Designs, the idea felt big and scary. But my passion behind creating unique and beautiful products that support artists and create change in the world drove me forward. Your support and the positive response our campaign has been receiving so far reinforces that there is a need for Mountain Bird Designs.

I have lots of plans for the future of Mountain Bird Designs. This is just a first step. A baby step really. With your help we can do more and we can help more. Together we can make a difference.

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