Happy New Year!


Happy New Year My Lovely Peeps!!

I look forward to 2016 and I embrace my 2015 journey. It was a challenging year but I learned a lot. There were a number of hurdles that I had to overcome. (I did run the hurdles while on the high school track team. But I am only 5 feet 3 and 3/4 inches tall so I was a bit hurdle-challenged.)  A couple of hurdles I had to jump over for Mountain Bird Designs was to redesign the bags more than once to get them to function the way I wanted them to. (It is a good thing that height is not relevant here.) The business bags had to feature unique and lovely artwork that embraces the feminine spirit while being super strong.

Wait a minute!

Isn’t that what you are? Lovely, unique and strong? Of course! So there you go. I designed something that I am proud of, something I believe will make customer’s like you happy. Something that embraces our strength and feminine spirit. That is the path to meeting our mission. Empowering you and others that need our support is what Mountain Bird Designs is about.

New Year’s Resolution?

I have never really embraced that whole New Year’s Resolution thing. Isn’t there more than one goal that each of us wants to reach during the year? If there is only a single “official” goal that you want to reach and for some reason despite your efforts it didn’t come to fruition, does that mean you are a failure? No.

Think back about all the other things you accomplished during 2015. Big and small. Maybe a personal milestone. Supporting and caring for your family and friends. The number of miles you pedaled on your bike. Overcoming an unanticipated challenge. The people that you gave a reason to smile. There is an endless list of what you have accomplished. Whether or not it was an “official” goal what you have accomplished really does make a difference in the world. 

Finishing my bag designs in 2015 was not a New Year’s resolution. But I was definitely resolved to make it happen. Determination, stubbornness, and willpower kept me going. Even though the first trials didn’t work and I was super disappointed, giving up was simply not an option.


Because the successs of Mountain Bird Designs is not just about me. While I do need to financially support my family and stop depleting our retirement savings, we have a much bigger mission. Our mission to support domestic violence survivors and feed children who face hunger relies on our success because…

profit + mission = positive change

Getting to know you and working with you to create positive change will be my best accomplishment in 2016. So I guess after all, being determined to keep moving forward is a resolution of sorts? 

May your year be filled with your dreams.

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