Everything Turns Out in the End


Thinking back on 2015, I am reminded that things happen for a reason. My personal belief is that there are no accidents. Even so, there are times that it seems like things are falling apart for who knows why? I am sure that you know that feeling. During stressful times, we wonder what the hell is going on? While we may not know the answer immediately, over time it will make sense. 

In that vein, I am sharing with you a few inspirational quotes that remind me that even if  I don’t always have the answer to “why?” things will be ok. They are helpful in turning my frustration and fear of failure into optimism. A very wise mentor told me that only those who fail are those that give up.  

In addition to the inspirational quotes I shared below, one of my favorite mottos reminds me that while the ups and downs of any endeavor aren’t always fun…

Everything turns out in the end. If it hasn’t turned out it isn’t the end.

Here you go.

Failure is the opportunity to begin again, only more intelligently.

(Me: This is so true. When I was testing a bag and it failed to hold up, it gave me the opportunity design the bag more intelligently, to fix the problem and make the bag stronger.)

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. ~William A. Foster

(Me: After sewing about 20 bags or so I do think my skills have improved. (Honestly, improving my sewing skills really wasn’t such a high bar.) 

Remember that sometimes not getting what you want, can be a wonderful stroke of luck. ~ Dalai Lama.

(Me: I am soooo lucky.)

I hope that you feel empowered and inspired to keep going after what you dream to achieve. Because you know you can do it.  Persistance and patience will get you there. I can’t wait to see your dreams come true. 

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