Check Out Our New Line of Products Featuring Original Artwork


In case you have missed it, we launched our Indiegogo Campaign! You can now pre-order Mountain Bird Designs’ products including tunics, business messenger bags, clutches and prints.

Our tunics come in two colors, pink and turquoise, featuring Melissa Milakovic’s whimsical bird.

We have four options for our artistic business bags and wallet clutches. Each product features artwork from one of our three talented artists, Craig Lynberg, Jeanette Kaczenas, or Melissa Milakovic. No other place will you find bags like ours. Guaranteed!

The bags are not just artistic and unique. They are strong enough to hold whatever you need them to. (Just don’t try to pull off that Mary Poppins thing!)  All that stuff below is what I have carted around in my bag. No kidding! You can see from the top view how well everything is organized because of the many pockets inside and out.

me and bag contents


Ready to be the woman who stands out in the crowd while feeling good because you supported domestic violence survivors and families facing hunger? Head over to our Indiegogo campaign  to claim your MBD goodies today. We would love to see you there! Click here to go straight to our campaign.

 Mountain Bird Designs – Creating Positive Change 

If you have any questions about our products, you can contact me at

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