About Robert

Who I am: A writer, outdoors person, scientist, language curmudgeon, and cook.

Favorite Places: Too many, but if forced to name a few: Sierra Nevada backcountry from Olancha Peak north to Ebbetts Pass, the West Coast of Ireland, the Tetons, the Left Coast from Santa Barbara to somewhere well North of Vancouver, and right around here ain’t too bad either.

Passionate About: My spouse, my kids, my art, civil liberties and civil rights, wilderness and wildness.

Guilty Pleasures: Red wine, good (= dark) chocolate, rare beast and sashimi tuna, speeding on mountain roads.

Favorite Non-family Peeps: A surprising number of friends and colleagues who have been associated over the years with Amigos de las Americas (www.amigoslink.org).

Personal Motto: If you can’t joke about it, you don’t really care about it.

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